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Kinistin Saulteaux Nation is located 39 kilometers southeast of Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Kinistin Band was established by a chief Kinistin (Cree), who came to Saskatchewan from Western Ontario.



The Administration staff of the Kinistin Saulteaux Nation has been focusing on restructuring the current administrative initiatives including changes to human resources policies, monitoring effective policy reviews of the various portfolio areas, and implementing financial policies that are focused on accountability and transparency.

The First Nation was originally part of the Yellow-quill Saulteaux Band, a Treaty Band named after a Treaty 4 signatory Chief Ošāwaškokwanēpi, whose name means “Green/Blue-quill.” However, due to “š” merging with “s” in Nakawēmowin (Saulteaux language), this led to a mistranslation of his name as “Yellow-quill”—“yellow” being osāw-, while “green/blue” being ošāwaško- (or osāwasko- in Saulteaux). Kinistin is named after Chief Kiništin (“Cree”), one of the headmen for Chief Ošāwaškokwanēpi.

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Our community

Under the leadership of the Chief, Elders have played a vital role in providing advisory support for Chief and Council and all committees of Kinistin. Kinistin is very proud of our Elders and acknowledges the advice and wisdom in every initiative of Kinistin.

The current leadership of Kinistin is committed to providing information to all band membership on current issues, portfolio updates, and future events. We have been attempting to update the website to make it more accessible and interactive, with links from various departments to developing issues and information. We have also made efforts to limit information pertaining strictly to band members with password protected areas in the website. General information will continue to be available for the general public and we welcome any and all visitors to the site.

Membership - Kinistin ratified a Citizenship Code in 1987 with amendments done in 2002. Individuals who are interested in being included on the Kinistin Membership list have opportunities to be included in membership votes, which are held twice a year. Persons are asked to provide a request in writing to be considered for the membership vote and may contact Doreen Asapace at the Band Office. The Kinistin Saulteaux Nation is currently working towards strengthening our governance structure by establishing the Constitution and Governance Act. The Constitution and Governance is important because it outlines all of our rights as members. It gives a complete list of all the things that we can do, and the rights that we have.

“Kinistin” or Kiništin (meaning “Cree”) came to Saskatchewan from Western Ontario along with his two brothers, Miskokwanep (“Red [Crow-]Feather”) and Mehcihcākanihs (“Coyote”). Chief Kinistin possibly participated in the 1869-1870 Red River Rebellion.